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Environmental, Sustainability & Governance

Not only is the Environmental, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) agenda the right thing to do, it's driving customer choices and where they spend their money. Take a look at some of the initiatives below to help you on your journey.

International Benchmarking for Sustainability

Cornell Centre for Hospitality Research. Hospitality Sustainability Benchmarking Index 2023

Green Accreditation for Hospitality and the Visitor Economy

The Green Tourism certification programme recognises the commitment of tourism businesses which are actively working to become more sustainable.  The Bronze/Silver/Gold awards are acknowledged worldwide as an indicator of good environmentally friendly practice,  and are a great way of progressing on a green journey for businesses as well as acting as a hallmark of ‘green quality’, attracting customers from increasing members of eco minded visitors.

ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation

SO 14001 is an internationally agreed and recognised standard for Enviornmental Management Systems. An EMS supports organisations in identifying, managing, monitoring and controlling environmental processes.

The standard is suitable for all types and sizes of organisation – including private, non-profit and governmental – and requires organisations to assess environmental issues relevant to their operations, such as waste management, resource use and efficiency.


Zero Carbon Forum

The Zero Carbon Forum is a non profit organisation empowering hospitality organisations to reach sustainability targets with more speed, efficiency, and profit as a united effort. With defined roadmaps backed by peers, government, and leading sustainability experts — so collectively as an industry there is a path to survive and thrive.

Guardians of Grub

Wasted food eating into your profits? Guardians of Grub are there to help you rise up against the 1.1 million tonnes of food discarded by the hospitality industry every year.  Help your business, the environment and community by using their cost savings calculator to find out how much you could save.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The Professional Association of Self Caterers have complied a case study guide and webinar to this important subject.  Please see links below:


Case Study:  pasc-ev-2022-paper-v4-1-aug-22

Cutting Waste

New research highlighting opportunities for the Hospitality and Food Service sector to reduce the amount of food left on customers plates, but still offer value for money for diners.


How do Consumers Feel About Sustainable travel?

As travel restriction ease and travelers make plans once again, a growing number of people are seeking ways to have more meaningful and conscientious experiences, whether it’s looking for sustainable options or improving their impact on the destinations and communities they visit.

In this study, we examine in detail how consumers feel about sustainable travel, based on a survey of 11,000 people from 11 countries around the world.


Advice and support to go green and reduce costs

The UK Business Climate Hub includes a free carbon calculator and a suite of new tools to help businesses measure, track and report on their emissions and save money by using less energy. It offers detailed advice on everything from sourcing products from green suppliers, reducing emissions from freight and logistics, to the most cost-effective ways of installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging points.



Green Accord accreditation scheme

The Green Accord is a national accreditation scheme to help businesses to improve their sustainable practices, reduce environmental impact, and evidence their environmental credentials to customers. The Green Accord is recognised by the Government’s UK Business Climate Hub and endorsed by the South West Procurement Alliance.

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