Coleridge Way Route Guide

The Coleridge Way Route Guide

Walk from the Quantock Hills to Exmoor, or vice versa (51 miles). The route is quite a different experience in each direction:

It’s a completely different route heading from Lynmouth to Nether Stowey, away from the coast, across the moor, over the edge of the Quantocks and into rural, pastoral, gentle Nether-Stowey-land. There’s a totally different focus and feeling, heading away from the busy open coastline into the secretive hinterland“. Ruth Luckhurst, travel writer.

Each guide contains some words highlighted in bold purple – these are points of interest – all referred to in the ‘Things to Discover’ pages and selected ones in each direction have some additional info in boxes on the route guides.

Certificates will be available from Coleridge Cottage and Lynmouth Pavilion along with visitor books that people can sign before, during and at the end of the  route at Coleridge Cottage, Porlock Visitor Centre and Lynmouth Pavilion.

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