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Visit Exmoor now have an active social media audience of 33,000+ followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

This page is a guide to the campaigns we are running and the social media hashtags we are using. These are our key campaign messages and are being used across our social media activity, please feel free to adopt them across your social media marketing. 

Why you need to be on Social Media...

As a direct result of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, social media usage in 2020 grew at the fastest rate in three years. There are now more people using social media across the globe than not, with 4.2 billion users worldwide.

Almost all social media users access platforms via mobile devices, a whopping 98.8%. The average UK user spends 1 hour 49 minutes each day on social media.

Social media usage in the UK has stayed relatively consistent over the last 12 months. There are now 45 million social media users, or 66% of the UK population using the platforms.

In the UK, Facebook now has a reach of 38 million people, which is unchanged from this time last year. That’s 66% of the total UK population over 13 years old.

As of January 2021, there were 31 million Instagram users in the UK. Up from 24 million 12 months ago. According to Instagram, 53% of the UK’s population can be reached with advertising. The gender split is still slightly skewed towards females (54% vs 46% males).

According to Twitter, they have 353 million registered users globally, 16.5 million of which are in the UK.

All stats from: 2021 social media trends.

Our Latest Campaign #HereAllYear

Visit Exmoor are working hard to deliver our #HereAllYear campaign highlighting off-peak travel to the area. We will be promoting activities, events including the Exmoor Dark Skies Festival 2022, family friendly weekend day trips, autumn walking and the many reasons to visit throughout the seasons.

We want visitors to have the best possible experience and we will continue to use #BookAhead as it will still be important for visitors to book activities, experiences and restaurants ahead to avoid disappointment. 

For Facebook and Twitter we will be using #HereAllYear #BookAhead #VisitExmoor

Instagram allows more hashtags to be added to posts, we tend to use the below depending on the subject of the post and day of week: 

#HereAllYear #BookAhed #VisitExmoor #ExmoorAllSeasons #LoveExmoor #ExmoorExplorer #PlanBookEnjoy #AutumnOnExmoor #WinterOnExmoor #QuantockHills #EatExmoor #ActiveExmoor #StayExmoor #WeAreExmoor #SWCP #ColeridgeWay #LongDistanceWalking #ShortWalks #MoortoSea #Moorland #CoastalBreaks #EnglandsCoast #AdventureSeekers #MondayMotivation #FridayVibes #VitaminSea

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