Hot Tub Safety Toolkit Launched to Help Tourism Operators Provide a Safe Experience

South West Councils have partnered with Devon and Somerset Trading Standards and Professional Association of Self caterers UK to release a free series of bit-size webinars and toolkit to help operators of hot tubs deliver a safer and more enjoyable experience for their customers. The package has been designed with both experienced and new operators in mind and also with the aim of providing an introduction for staff at all levels tasked with operating and maintaining the equipment.


Legionella Risk Assessment Template from PASC

Electrical Safety Risk Assessment Template from PASC

Natasha's Law

Natasha’s Law came into effect in October 2021and requires all food businesses to provide full ingredients lists and allergen labelling on foods pre-packaged for direct sale on the premises.

Government Changes to Fire Guidance

PASC has launched a webinar on the new fire regulations.  The webinar features a Keynote presentation from Bob Bantock, who is responsible for all the National Trust properties and how he will be meeting the challenge of getting them compliant, followed by Yusuf Muhammad from Plumis limited, leaders in Misting solutions, particularly interesting for open plan properties and Dave Richmond from AICO Ltd, leaders in linked Fire Detection systems.

This is followed by a Q&A with the panellists, where they are joined by Paul Bray, the PASC UK retained Fire expert.

Watch the webinar recording  (part 1)

Watch the webinar recording  (part 2)

Watch the webinar recording  (part 3)

Fire checks at changeover, routine maintenance & testing

Becoming and approved fire risk assessor

Fire FAQs

Fire Safety Checklist

Fire Risk Assessment Template

Fire Notice Owners Version

Bed Bugs Guidance

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