Over the past few years we have created a series of videos with the help of our members and visitors alike! We wanted to get everyone involved in promoting Exmoor. Check out our ‘Autumn on Exmoor’ and ‘Why I Love Exmoor’ – the latter was made using clips from members of the public to mark the anniversary of Exmoor becoming a designated National Park.

During 2020, the team at Visit Exmoor were determined to keep the Visit Exmoor message alive for our visitors and members. Check out ‘A Message from Exmoor’ which was compiled from clips by our members. ‘A Warm Exmoor Welcome’ was the follow up video when the first lockdown was lifted. Watch our Marketing & Promotion 2020 video that highlights our activity during 2020.

A Message from Exmoor

This was our first video message during the pandemic’s first lockdown in March 2020.  It shows the positive spirit of Exmoor during a very dark time, asking our Visitors to not visit and to stay home and stay safe.  


A Warm Exmoor Welcome

An enticing video created to welcome our Visitors back to Exmoor in July 2020, after lockdown 1.0.  It shows the the unique spirit of Exmoor as our members create covid-safe environments for their guests and customers.


Autumn on Exmoor

After a very short trading season we wanted to help inspire visitors to Exmoor during most colourful time of year – Autumn.  


Why I love Exmoor

The perfect way to promote our beautiful National Park on Exmoor Day.


Are you looking to make your own videos here on Exmoor?

Please find below links to some general informing about filming and use of Drones here on Exmoor. You must get landowner consent. For example, in the case of filming Dunkery you’d need permission from the National Trust.  

Exmoor – Filming on Exmoor (

Exmoor – Use of Drones (

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