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Create your own Virtual Footage

Virtual tours and video footage have become increasingly popular online. We have noticed an uplift in journalists requesting this type of content to promote businesses and attractions. It’s a really powerful way to engage with your current audience and to attract a potential new audience during this lockdown phase. 

Most mobile phones have video recording as a functionality, this is all you really need to create some simple footage. Why not have a go at producing a short video clip to use on your social media?

If you are an accommodation provider:

Create a virtual tour of your accommodation, giving people the experience of what they can expect to see when they stay with you.

Capture a panoramic view of outside the accommodation and show the magnificent views of Exmoor or beauty and charm of your local town or village. 

Think about including yourself in the video – highlighting the warm welcome guests will receive when they stay with you in the future. 

If you work within food and drink:

Prepare a clip demonstrating how to cook a signature dishes.

Offer some hints and tips, such as ‘How to make the perfect…’. 

With many parents at home with their children, you could look to feature some child-friendly cooking ideas and suggestions with a brief demonstration. 

If you are an attraction or activity:

A virtual tour or virtual experience of your business or activity is a really good way of promoting your facilities during this period.

Heartwarming or amusing anecdotes and images of what you are doing to stay busy.

Also think about whether there are engaging online activities for children that you could create and publish during this time. These are becoming increasingly popular on social media with parents searching for ideas. 

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