Luggage Transfer

Walk in comfort

Luggage transfer

On many linear walking routes it is common practice to have your main luggage transferred along the route. You only need to carry what you require during the day in your rucksack. This makes the walk much more enjoyable and less tiring.

Accommodation providers service

Most of the accommodation providers along the Coleridge Way will transfer your luggage on to your next accommodation for a small fee. When booking your accommodation please check with them that they provide this service and what the charge is to your next provider.

When booking your accommodation along the route, consider booking it from the end to the start. This way you will know which provider you have booked with, so you can tell the next provider you are talking to, where they need to take the luggage on to.

Walking Holiday Providers

There are a few walking holiday companies that organise everything for you in one phone call. This includes booking your accommodation and organising your luggage to be taken to the next provider.

For more information please contact Encounter Walking Holidays and Luggage Transfers.