Hinkley Construction

During Hinkley Point C construction period

This information is produced by the Hinkley Tourism Action Partnership (HTAP) as part of the Hinkley Visitor Travel Management Plan. All comments are based on information available to HTAP at the time and intended to be advisory only.

What is happening at Hinkley Point?

There have been power stations at Hinkley Point since the 1960s. The Government has granted consent for a new one to be built next to the two older ones and the construction has already started. During the construction period, traffic to and from the site will be using the M5 and a route through Bridgwater.

Will the construction of Hinkley Point C affect my visit to Somerset?

A new power station at Hinkley will not affect Somerset’s appeal as a wonderful place to live and visit. Building the plant is expected to increase the amount of traffic along one route through the town of Bridgwater and along the C182 to Hinkley Point itself. Before permission was granted for the project, the public and various organisations were consulted on the travel implications. As a result, a package of measures to reduce the impact was agreed and money made available for them through the planning process such as a new bypass, highways improvements, information displays and a monitoring system. Work on the highways is managed by Somerset County Council (SCC) which has a useful website with information about current and future road works: www.travelsomerset.co.uk

Are all the road works complete now?

The vast majority of the £16 million pound investment in road improvement work is almost complete, with the final project being in Bridgwater along Bristol Road and Wylds Road. Full details of this project are available on the Hinkley Point C Project website; www.edfenergy.com/HPCfaq.

What can I do to avoid disruption to my journey?

You might like to consider travelling outside of peak times if at all possible and consider alternative routes if the one you had planned is likely to be subject to congestion. You could also break your journey at one of Somerset’s many local attractions and give yourself extra travel time.

What is the Hinkley Tourism Action Partnership?

The purpose of the Hinkley Tourism Action Partnership is to support the tourism industry in alleviating and managing challenges and maximising opportunities from the development of Hinkley Point C. The partnership includes representatives from the following organisations and more information can be found at www.westsomersetonline.gov.uk/Tourism—Leisure/Tourism/Hinkley-Tourism-Action-Partnership

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