Walk Around Lynton and Lynmouth

Join Mary Breeds, one of our long-standing guides for the walking festival on this unusual walk taking in the wonderful scenery around Lynton and Lynmouth. It takes place on Sunday 1st May at 11.00am. The walk starts in a small free car park next to the cemetery where the victims of the 1952 flood disaster are buried. The walk goes to the unique Valley of Rocks. This valley is unusual as it is parallel to the sea. There are various thoughts as to how it was formed which I am sure Mary will describe.

Climbing Hollerday Hill one gets a great view down the valley before following paths to Lynton and the old town hall. One now passed through the old streets of Lynton to pick up the Victorian walkway to Lynbridge to cross the West Lyn river. The walk gains more height to look over both Lynton and Lynmouth and across to Wales. The walk then quickly loses all that height on paths down to Lynmouth and Manor Green. From here, to save another very steep climb, the walk takes the funicular railway up the cliff for about 500 feet back to Lynton.

For more information on this walk No 1C go to the festival website at http://www.exmoorwalkingfestival.co.uk/events/1c-twin-towns-highs-and-lows/ or phone 01271 863001.

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