About Exmoor Tourism

A non-political body that seeks to maximise the benefits of sustainable tourism for its members, the local economy and communities whilst working together with all appropriate bodies engaged in promoting the economic and social well being of greater Exmoor - an area consisting largely of Exmoor National Park and West Somerset, in addition to all parishes within 10 miles of the Exmoor National Park boundary.   


Visit Exmoor is the new trading name for the Exmoor Tourist Association which in 2015 merged with the former Exmoor Tourism Partnership. 

The Association was set up in 1982 to help maximise the benefits of sustainable tourism for its members and to bring members' businesses, and Exmoor, to the attention of people considering visiting Exmoor for holidays and short breaks. Its activities aim to benefit its members, local communities and the wellbeing of the Greater Exmoor region, by promoting the benefits of Exmoor to potential visitors. It is a non-profit making organisation, using subscriptions for the promotion of their members and Greater Exmoor.

The former Tourism Partnership worked successfully for several years to coordinate activity between different interests in the tourism sector (from both the public and private sectors), with a particular emphasis on building the capacity of the private sector. Having achieved its objectives it was agreed that the Association,trading as Exmoor Tourism, would evolve as the lead body. It is run by and for the industry, but with support from West Somerset Council and Exmoor National Park Authority who also appoint 1 Member representative each to the board. 


All that Visit Exmoor does is aimed at achieving our vision and objectives. Working with our partners we deliver an agreed strategic action plan detailing individual actions to be undertaken.


The work of Visit Exmoor is only achieved through the contributions made by members and we encourage anyone with an interest in the tourism economy of Exmoor to join us and support our work.