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Independent British Brand | Design House | designing and making eco-friendly sustainable clothing and knitwear | from own alpaca on our farm in Exmoor

EKO|ALPAKA is a mark for alpaca fibre products that provide an assurance to buyers of the provenance of the products.

The alpaca fibre in these products can be traced to the farm where the alpaca live. It reflects our priorities – the people who care for the alpaca and create the products and the welfare of the alpacas.

Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca fibre has formidable properties. It’s three times warmer and lighter than merino and cashmere. Its durable soft and hypoallergenic. Alpaca is a hollow fibre – it can trap heat to protect you from the cold and release heat and moisture in warmer weather. This is what makes Alpaca suitable for all seasons. Alpaca provides a great alternative to wool for versatile knitwear for those cold winters and cool summer evenings. And of course……..EKOALPAKA is totally British, creates zero carbon waste and ethically produced.

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