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Exmoor Distillery is a family run, small batch, artisan gin and spirits producer. Based in Dulverton, on the edge of the Exmoor National Park.

Nestled amongst the steep wooded valleys of West Somerset, Exmoor Distillery is an multi award winning artisanal distillery, run by husband and wife team John and Nicola Smith. The distillery’s first creation, Northmoon Gin, was named after the couple’s home – after years of traveling the world John and Nicola found themselves returning again and again to the fresh air and dramatic landscape of Exmoor, and they have captured, and bottled, the wildness and magic of the countryside in their gin.

It took many months for John Smith, Master Distiller and co-owner of Exmoor Distillery, to develop the first unique recipe for Northmoor Gin.

Northmoor Gin’s Classic London Dry premium recipe infuses juniper berries with carefully chosen botanicals including coriander, angelica root, grains of paradise, lemon, cinnamon, rowan berries, winter savory, orris root and kaffir lime leaves, at 44% ABV.

With over 45 variations tested, our light-on-the-lips, full bodied Classic London Dry Gin leaves a deliciously smooth flavour at the back of the mouth. It’s smooth enough to sip neat over ice and has a juniper-led, citrus hit that lingers on the palette and creates a three dimensional taste that’s both unique and magical.

Our Northmoor Navy Strength Gin is a powerful, well rounded and smooth balance of juniper, orange peel and liquorice, amongst other chosen botanicals, creating a unique taste and at 57% ABV, it delivers a lingering, memorable warming mouthfeel. This gin is defined by its smoothness and is a truly unique high ABV gin that balances sweet botanicals with traditional flavour.

Our gins are created using two state of the art iStills, creating a modern, efficient, consistent and high quality spirit and crucially it gives us scope and versatility to expand into new markets next year, with plans now being finalised to ferment and distill a range of unique, Somerset made rums.

Our gin’s have won a series of incredibly prestigious awards including a Double Gold Medal at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco for our Classic Northmoor London Dry this year and a Gold Medal at the same competition for our Northmoor Navy Strength Gin this year, putting paid to John’s efforts and vision for a defining Somerset based Gin.

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