Porlock Bay Oysters Open New Premises!

Situated in the heart of Porlock Weir, you can find Porlock Bay Oysters – an independent Oyster farm bringing back the old tradition of Oyster farming to the quaint, historic beautiful Porlock Bay.

Oysters were once a natural occurrence at the Wier, now once again they are now being grown down in the bay, they are cultivated and sustainably harvested by hand in inter-tidal waters, some of the cleanest waters the UK has to offer, meaning their oysters can be eaten straight from the sea! Porlock Pacific Oysters are Somerset.

This is a heritage story that provides us with clues to the economic turbulent past of industry and shows how the local community had been involved in the development of a key trading route – a dedicated train from Minehead in 1874 was commissioned to carry them straight to London tables!

The hope is that prosperous times are ahead once again for this dynamic, innovative and developing business.

After a scenic drive to their brand-new premises, you will be met by friendly, welcoming staff members who do their absolute utmost to be accommodating and provide insightful information on the process and preparation of these historical seafood delights.

What Porlock Bay Oysters do so well, is marry the traditional to the contemporary. The raw oysters come with an offering of a range of dressing options from the customary lemon or shallots in red wine to the more adventurous watermelon and wasabi – a surprising pairing that creates a refreshing sweetness with an undertone of spice as well as pink gin and grapefruit and hand collected Porlock Marsh Sea pusslaine and cucumber mignonette. There’s a flavour to suit all palettes.

They are an absolute must visit if you’re heading to Exmoor – but if you simply cannot wait, you can get a taste of Exmoor delivered to your door.

Head over to their website to find out more: https://www.porlockbayoysters.co.uk/collections/shop

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