Hidden poetry boxes revealing hidden talents

Draw, read or write inside,

And leave for the next to scribe and confide,

Five more tethered amidst this valley,

A further excuse for you to dally,

And when September comes around,

At Lynmouth Pavilion they can be found.

Based on an idea by Chris Jelley of Storywalks and supported by the Lynmouth Pavilion Project, this is the third year the project has run and an incredible 4,000 poems have been collected from spots around Exmoor. From haikus to limericks, the poems are often accompanied with lovely illustrations of the perfect day in beautiful Exmoor. There have even been three marriage proposals composed!

Last year, the boxes were located at the spectacular Tarr Steps, and from the almost 2,000 entries, a virtual book has been produced to showcase a snapshot of the lovely words visitors left. Make sure to have a read for inspiration before you set off in search of poetry!

The poetry boxes are in Dunster from 1 June to 31 August 2016.

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