Heale Horses and Nature Retreats – Exclusive to Heale Farm 25th – 26th September 2021

With a passion to make a difference Heale Farm would love to welcome you to enjoy Heale Horses and Nature Retreats, a special place for re discovery and discovery. They offer a completely unique approach to achieving wellbeing and wellness through a powerful combined interaction between human, horse, nature and the environment and our own unique intuitive coaching and NLP. Read on to find out more from Heale Farm…

With today’s changing world and the challenges, we face personally and globally it is vital for our wellness and wellbeing to dedicate time for our mind, body and soul. Our heale horses and nature retreats offers you the opportunity to do just this, a time to escape, in the beautiful Exmoor wilderness, a time to reconnect with nature, standing with our two beautiful horses surrounded by wildlife and wide open green space, a time to be more active, with the amazing walks from your door feeling the clear sea air, a time to be present, in the peace and tranquillity of Heale, a time to be happy, a time to be you.

Our unique approach, spending time in nature and with the horses in their environment promotes a deep sense of wellbeing, a deep level of learning about ourselves and how to live a healthier and happier way of life, gaining insights into thoughts, behaviour and communication, allowing body and mind to function with focus, clarity and passion, which will stay with you, in your everyday life, wherever you are!

We are particularly passionate about promoting a healthier lifestyle found by being out in nature, and the huge benefits this brings. I believe the environment in which we create has a huge impact on our wellness and what we feed our mind and body accounts for many illness today, particularly mental health issues and obesity. Our programme offers an opportunity for anyone wishing to make a change.

Day 1 – Saturday
10am Arrive and welcome
Meet the horses
Set Intention
Breathe & Mindfulness session
Walk and talk with horses
Relax and free time

Day 2 – Sunday
Horses breakfast
Open Air Breathe and mindfulness
Walk and talk with horses
Reflection and goodbyes

Retreat Includes
• Heale Horses and Nature Method and programme
• 2 day, 1-night accommodation (accommodation includes own double/single room in one of our beautiful cottages with shared facilities) Rule of 6 applies.
• All meals including, lunch and evening meal on day 1 and breakfast and lunch day 2 served in our farmhouse kitchen.
• Heale Farm facilities

Retreat cost £250 per person with a deposit of £50 per person on booking and balance payable four weeks in advance of retreat.
To book please contact Judith, tel: 01598 763813 Email: hello@healefarm.co.uk

About Judith
I qualified as a professional coach in 2007 with a diploma in coaching practice, I also qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) Master Practitioner. This led me to follow my passion for working with youth at risk and following Instinct led me on a very different journey of being with horses to the one I had grown up with, discovering the power of the horse and how they challenge our thoughts and behaviours leading to incredible transformation and change. For over ten years I have developed my own unique, intuitive approach to working with all people alongside my horses Annie, Shalinda and Roger in this stunning environment. I have developed programmes and workshops for Youth at Risk, Young Carers, Company Leadership Development, and Teams/Group Development. Individuals overcoming challenges and issues such as trauma, anxiety and stress and family dynamics.

• Certified Master Practioner in NLP
• Diploma in Coaching Practice/Professional Coach
• Certificate in Counselling
• Horse Accelerated Transformation Practitioner
• Equine Guided Leadership Development – Train the Trainer
• Engaging with Spirit –Creating a culture of Intentional and Positive change
• Animal Communication Training Level 1
• South East Women’s Mentoring certificate
• First Degree in Usui System of Natural Healing

About Lily
Lily is a Breathwork Specialist, Vocal Coach, Professional Singer and trained Actress who noticed early on in her training that using the breath to support the voice had far more health benefits than just a vocal sense. It was the mental clarity and physical ease she felt that really made an impact on her wellbeing and overall sense of contentment. Situations that would normally feel overwhelming and stressful suddenly didn’t feel so challenging and she was able to apply her new techniques to her daily routine to create the life she truly wanted to lead, hence the birth of _Soul Voice Body Breath. This is a modality designed to help people find their true voice and passion for life through tools, techniques and practice, that really bring out the best in you. Lily’s approach is concentrated into the Heale Retreats Culture and can truly help you create a calm, assured mindset and physical body sense enabling you to trust your voice and know that you are on the right path.

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