Exmoor Distillery’s hand sanitiser – helping the NHS

Exmoor distillery is located on the southern gateway to Exmoor, in Dulverton. They are a small family run distillery, developed from their own passion for premium quality fine spirits.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the distillery has converted some of their operations to produce hand sanitiser. They are delivering 2,000 bottles of hand sanitiser on a weekly basis to the NHS, with the first batch distributed on the 14 April. Exmoor Distillery have stressed their primary customer for this product is the NHS but as they ramp up production, they will be making the product available, and distributing locally, on Exmoor.

In a recent blog, the team at Exmoor Distillery commented, “We are so pleased to say that we will be supplying our hand sanitiser in bulk to the NHS directly. With tough times ahead, we have been looking for ways that we can adapt our local distillery into a beacon of hope. Being able to provide our healthcare workers with some extra protection has made us very happy indeed!”

Read their recent article: Exmoor: The Amazing Things That Are Happening which highlights many wonderful news stories from across Exmoor.

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