Our Vision

Our Vision

Working in partnership, with a shared vision, passion, enthusiasm and commitment, the Centre of Excellence will:

• Collate, signpost and promote opportunities for training and education for those entering a career in hospitality across the area.

• Work together to support education partners to deliver relevant and needed training.

• Provide a central forum which will enable local authorities and partners to work together for smart use of available investments in supporting training of SMEs and micro businesses to assist them in becoming employer of choice.

• Revitalise the workforce by creating opportunity and building a culture of professionalism and pride.

• Aspirational promotion of opportunity within hospitality, will drive a positive cycle of adoption and prominence for the Centre of Excellence and in turn, highlighting our phenomenal hospitality offering will add to our foodie branding of the Exmoor and Coast area and driving increased.

• Deliver strong, cohesive branding and targeted events, promotions and campaigns, building strong connections and networks with schools, colleges and the trainees engaged in hospitality across the area.


By harnessing our combined expertise and resources we will attract, motivate and develop the skilled hospitality workforce that Exmoor-based businesses need and a long term, sustainable solution for recruitment issues in hospitality.


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