A guided walk of discovery of Ada Lovelace and Coleridge

Join John Buchan on this guided walk on Wednesday 4th May. The walk passes by Ashley Combe House, where Ada Byron Lovelace lived. She has been recognised as the first computer programmer, working with Charles Babbage on his mechanical computer called the Analytical Engine. Tunnels were built so the tradesmen would not be seen from the house. One then passes Culbone church, the smallest church in England still offering services. On the north wall there is a small ‘leper window’ created for the leper colony to peer through during services in the 16th century. This area is where the romantic poet, Coleridge stayed and got inspiration for his poetry during long walks.

Further information on the festival walk can be found at http://www.exmoorwalkingfestival.co.uk/events/4c-old-tunnels-and-lepers-haunt/ where you can book online or phone 01271 863001.

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