101 Things To Do This Summer

Sometimes kids need a little encouragement to get outside and explore, although I’ve always found that they really love it when they do. To help matters, the South West Lakes Trust have produced a great little booklet entitled ‘101 Things to do this Summer’. Everyone loves ticking off things on a ‘to do’ list and it’s much more fun when that list is jam packed full of great ideas.

From the simple ‘Run up and roll down a big hill’ to the more creative ‘Dance on a tree stump’, and the adventurous ‘Build a den’, there’s something for everyone to achieve.  ‘Skip along a nature trail’ ‘Make a daisy chain’ and ‘Have an outdoor picnic’ are three of our favourites.

At Wimbleball Lake all ages can enjoy learning to paddle board, canoe (see what wildlife you can spot on the lake) or practice tying knots.  On firm ground the lake has miles of off-road trails which can be explored by bike or on foot. Make it more interesting for younger members of the family by incorporating a mini-beast hunt, collecting leaves for leaf rubbing later or tracking animal prints.

Although, of course, we hope you come to Exmoor, this inspiring little booklet can be used whenever you might be out and about this summer and you can download it free here. Enjoy!

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