Withypool Village Shop

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The Withypool Village Shop is situated in the centre of the village. It is open throughout the year, Monday to Sunday. The shop stocks a wide range of items including fresh fruit and vegetables, locally source diary produces, fresh bread, alcohol, soft drinks, household items, cards, newspapers and magazines, gifts, guide books and souvenirs!

You will also find seasonal products such as coal, logs and gas in the winter, to ice creams, fishing nets and suntan lotion in the summer.

We are passionate about local produce. Here at The Village Shop we strive to provide you with as many locally sourced and produced products as we can. The shop offers alcoholic products from Exmoor Ales, Wicked Wolf Gin and Exmoor Distillery. We get our meats from local supplier John May. We have lots of fabulous produced from across the area including Exmoor Tea, Coast to Moor Coffee plus a fantastic selection of local preserves from Brendon Hill Craft and confectionary from Exmoor Fudge Kitchen. We also have a local fish supply once a week.

There is a Post Office within the shop which has similar opening hours. You can also purchase lottery tickets and scratchcards, with health lottery tickets being sold from the Post Office.

The shop contains an Exmoor National Park information point which supplies information on local events, tours, safaris, maps and guides.

If you are coming to Withypool for your holidays, why not email tony@withypoolexmoor.co.uk with your shopping list, so when you arrive you goods are ready to be collected. You’ll find its more fun shopping in the local village shop on holiday, than it is shopping at the supermarkets rushing around trying to remember everything, packing things in you car trying not to squash things and keep things cool and fresh. Let us take the worry out of it for you.

If you don’t have an email account or just don’t want to type out an email, give us a call on 01643 831178 to place your orders.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Village Shop, Withypool!


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