West Country Blacksmiths

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Award winning bespoke metalwork specialists’ craftsmen based on Exmoor in Somerset, producing exceptionally high-quality decorative and practical metalwork both locally and nationally.
A uniquely talented award winning team of craftsmen based at the National Trust owned forge on the edge of Exmoor in Allerford.
Harnessing the vision, skills and experience of highly skilled blacksmiths alongside talented engineers, metalworkers, coded welding experts and experienced designers allows West Country Blacksmiths to offer a complete and personal service, including CAD design.

Using a mixture of traditional crafts skills and creativity, with modern design and manufacturing techniques, we produce metalwork with limitless possibility. These skills enable the team to work on both new and restoration projects working with wide variety metals including wrought iron, cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminium and cor-ten.

The team cover a wide variety of projects and activities which include the bespoke design and fabrication of new metalwork, metal repairs and historic restorations. The excellent service offered covers all forms of blacksmithing, welding and fabrication working both locally and nationally.

The team regularly design and make metalwork including, but not limited to – gates, railings, handrails, balconies, balustrades, sculptural and artistic metalwork, staircases, chandelier and lighting, estate railings, curtain rails and weathervane.

The team continue to offer a traditional ‘blacksmith down the road service’ whereby they undertake work for the local community of any size which includes jobs of all sizes including welding, straightening, sharpening alongside the sale of metalwork.

The team have proudly featured on the 2019 series of Grand Designs, where the blacksmiths were featured working at the forge and discussing the award-winning staircase described by presenter Kevin McCloud as ‘The staircase is a thing of sculptural beauty, completed by truly specialist blacksmiths.’

We are pleased to welcome new enquiries of all nature and apply our artistic, engineering skills and experience to any prospective projects regardless of type and scale.