Valley of Rocks

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This fascinating valley is a U-shaped dry valley that is parallel to the sea. It lies about ½ mile to the west of Lynton. It is well known for its feral goats that roam freely and often quite hair-raisingly on the jagged cliff edges. It is thought that during the Ice Age the ice sheet prevented the East Lyn River from reaching the sea on its normal route and was diverted westwards. When the ice sheet retreated the river was able to resume its original path, leaving this valley riverless. Over the years the valley has silted up to become the U-shape we now see, not caused by a glacier. It is well-known for its unusual rock formations and caves.


Key Facilities

  • Mother Meldrum’s Cafe provides a range of refreshments.
  • There are public toilets
  • and a picnic area at the Lynton end of the valley.

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