Visit Exmoor works alongside other organisations to support a wide range of research to support and guide the development and promotion of tourism.

Volume and Value data

Exmoor National Park Authority commissions the STEAM survey to measure the volume and value of tourism within the National Park and also within the Greater Exmoor area (which includes all parishes within 10 miles of the National Park boundary including all of West Somerset). This data is published in annual State of Tourism reports.

Volume and value data specific to District and County Councils is available through the Cambridge model, delivered by the South West research Company. West Somerset (2013), Somerset (2012) 

Please note the STEAM and Cambridge Models are different using different models to calculate slightly different outcomes and so the two should not be compared like for like. The STEAM model focuses on the supply side and calculates the estimated volume and value based on a range o data such as traffic counts, attraction visits, TIC numbers, accommodation occupancy etc whereas the Cambridge model is based on cutting national data which is gathered through consumer surveys. A paper outlining the two models is available through Tourism Insights (PDF). 

Visitor Surveys

Biennial Visitor Surveys are undertaken by Exmoor National Park Authority and are available  under the visitor survey tab here. There is also information here on a non-visitor survey undertaken in 2012.

National and International research

A wide range of national research insights and statistics are  published by Visit England, whilst international data is available from Visit Britain.