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Local Business Support

This page gives sources of grant funds available for various projects. Click on the links here to go straight to the relevant section.

The Western Somerset LEADER Programme

Exmoor Partnership Fund

Hinkley Point Community Fund

External Funders

The Western Somerset LEADER Programme (back to top)

This fund is now open for business, bringing just over £1m of grant funding to the area.

The programme will focus on job creation and growth of the local Western Somerset economy.  The national priorities are:

·         Support for increasing farm productivity

·         Support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversification

·         Support for rural tourism

·         Provision of rural services

·         Support for cultural and heritage activity

·         Support for increasing forestry productivity

There is a two stage application process – Outline Application and then, if agreed, Full Application.  

The Full Application will be appraised by an independent appraiser which is then submitted to the Rural Payments Agency, before going to the Executive Committee for final decision.

We are currently accepting Outline Applications for the first round of funding however this will be a rolling process with decision making meetings approximately every 8 weeks, so there will be ongoing opportunities to apply.

The Programme Handbook is available on our website – click HERE to access

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anne-Marie Spalding - Programme Manager
Western Somerset and Levels & Moors LEADER
Economy & Planning - B3W
County Hall
Taunton, TA1 4DY
Tel:  01823 359242/Mobile: 07887 951067

LEP update -

Current ESIF calls - (and search for Heart of the South West)

Exmoor Partnership Fund (back to top)

This fund is open to communities, businesses and individuals and will support projects that help to achieve National Park purposes. For full details please visit this page on the Exmoor National Park Authority website.

ND+ LEADER 5 Rural Development Programme (back to top)

This fund is similar to the West Somerset LEADER Programme detailed above, but for North Devon and Torridge. For full details please visit this page on the North Devon+ website.

Hinkley Point Community Fund (back to top)

This fund is known as the Community Impact Mitigation Fund. £7.2 million is available and has to be spent exclusively on improvements for communities most affected by the impacts arising from the Site Preparation Works. For full details please visit this page on the West Somerset Council website.

External Funders (back to top)

There are a number of funds available from other charities and public bodies. These have been listed on the Exmoor National Park Authority website on this page.