Cream Tea Day


We're celebrating National Cream Tea Day 29 June here on Exmoor and we'd like you to be part of it! We're working with CareMoor for Exmoor to encourage more visitors and greater donations to the charity that helps to keep Exmoor special.


We want to make this a BIG DAY all over Greater Exmoor, so why not be part of it and promote your business too. 


CareMoor and Visit Exmoor will be actively promoting Exmoor's National Cream Tea Day in June via our websites, social media and press so let us know what you are planning & we'll include you in our publicity so that you get some too. 


You could a) Hold a Cream Tea Eating Charity Event - CareMoor for Exmoor of course B) Devise a great Special Offer to promote your business as well as the day c) Come up with an event for your village d) A best jam competition e) Make the biggest Scone and auction it f) Make the smallest scones and offer them free to passers by/local homes g) Eat a scone, cream & jam without licking your lips h) Paddle into the bay and have a scone aboard a board. The more unusual the better. CareMoor donation boxes and promotional material available.


Contact us at by 30 May and let us know what you are doing so that we can promote your business.