Super Moon and Eclipse – 27 Sept 15

On the evening / night of the 27 September 2015 a rare astronomical event will occur when a super moon coincides with an eclipse of the moon.The last time two such events occurred at the same time was in 1982 and it is not going to happen again until 2033 making this a one in a lifetime opportunity.

Exmoor was the very first Dark Sky Reserve in Europe to be designated in 2011 (just the second in the world at the time) and offers a superb opportunity to view this fascinating sight – provided the clouds stay away!

The super moon occurs when the moon makes its closest approach to earth giving a brighter and larger appearance than normal and this will be the closest approach of a full moon all year. On this occasion the eclipse will mean that passes through the earth’s shadow giving it a warm rusty red appearance.

You can hire a telescope (subject to availability!) from one of our National Park Centres, but to view this special event all you need is to be here and to look up! The moon, earth and sun will be all start lining up sometime around 1am with the full eclipse just after 3am so pack a flask and a blanket!

Find out more about star gazing on Exmoor here.

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