Quickly Find the Right Place

How to find the Right Place quickly

This website uses mapping with icons showing the positions of providers. It also lists providers with 'premium' listings at the top of the lists.

There are three fast ways to find what you are looking for.

By Filtering Results

This is probably the most effective way of quickly finding your perfect provider. Above the list of providers you will see 'FILTER RESULTS +'. Click this button and a selection of relevant filters will show. By ticking the boxes beside your preferences will immediately reduce down the icons on the map and the listings to those providers that fit your requirements. You can then look through the reduced list to find your perfect provider. By clicking 'View Details' will take you to their full advert.

By Location

If you know which part of Exmoor and the Quantocks you are wanting to stay in, then use the zoom control in the top-right corner of the map to zoom into the area you are interested in. You may need to pull the map across to keep the area you are wanting still showing.

This will reduce down the number of icons which represent individual businesses. You can then click each icon which will then scroll the main list on the left to highlight the relevant listing. By clicking 'View Details' will take you to their full advert.

An Exact Search

If you know the name of the provider, attraction or place, then you can use the search box at the top-right of every page on the site. It will find the phrase you typed in wherever it is within the site content.