Ziangs At The Olde Chapel

We serve only the finest Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian street food, using family recipes crafted over 3 generations.

Our family starting selling street food in the 50’s to locals in small villages in Borneo, although there were many other food outlets, ours were always the busiest and quickly became know as the best place to eat, building a family business that still thrives today, because of the experience and passion for food, we decided we wanted to bring truly authentic Malay/Chinese street food to the UK.

We opened “Ziangs At The Weir” (our sister bistro, still open for trade), which became so popular that people from all over the country would visit just to try our food, the result of which was that we would often sell out long before closing, a new outlet only made sense and Ziangs At The Olde Chapel was born.

Food isn’t just a job to us; it’s life and we believe this shows vividly in our cooking, our food is freshly prepared everyday and we use only the best ingredients, to the point that we ourselves travel hours on a weekly basis to source the highest quality spices, herbs and products.

We often go back to work in our family food stalls and restaurants in Borneo to keep our skills sharp, learn new styles and refine our recipes, this allows us to be able to continue offering food like nowhere can else locally.

Our menu changes often to keep the food fresh and exciting, because of this, like most restaurants, we don’t give out menus, we are restaurant, although if people ask we do provide a takeaway service, all the information can be found on our website.

We only take bookings via phone, number 01643 862241, pre booking tables 24 hours in advance is advice as we can be very busy even during weekdays. Open 12 noon to 10pm (last tables/takeaway orders at 8pm).

We hope to see you soon, The Ziangs Team.

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