West Ilkerton Farm

Grass-fed Exmoor lamb and pedigree Devon beef produced with care on our traditional Exmoor hill farm.

West Ilkerton is our home as well as our business. The welfare of our animals and conservation of our beautiful farm are of utmost importance to us. Devon cattle and Exmoor horn sheep have been bred here in an unbroken line for well over a century, so we are keen to maintain this living link with the past and hand it on to future generations. 

Our cattle and sheep are grass-fed, kept as naturally as possible and treated with compassion at all times. We care for them throughout their lives, and take them to the local abattoir ourselves. Direct sales of our meat from our farm, but we are not a farm shop.


West Ilkerton Farm meat boxes contain a good selection of beef or lamb, vacuum packed and ready for the freezer.

Enquiries about larger quantities for the catering trade are welcome, and we can also supply smaller meat bags for customers with limited storage space.