Exmoor Experience

Fly with us....ride with us.....stay with us.... for that special Exmoor Experience leaving with memories to last a lifetime!

Nestled in the Vale of Porlock, surrounded by hills all around, in wildlife heaven and spectacular views in all directions.

Our short break holidays are unique, where we welcome visitors from all over the world, and they return again and again! A countryside retreat in beautiful Exmoor National Park. All our birds and horses are trained through trust, breath, connection and respond to individuals in their own unique way. Great photographic opportunities. Pre-booking essential. 

Owl and Hawk Experiences

Our owl and hawk flying experiences are unique! Here you will meet so many different personalities, have conversations with the birds, and make a real connection with them. Our owl barn gives the smaller owls the opportunity to express themselves in a natural way without restraint, to be themselves, whereas the larger birds are flown over the open ground in our flying field, they are never tethered, and are generally flown to and from their aviaries.
We offer Owl and Bird of Prey Flying Experiences in the mornings for a 'Taster Experience' or a 'Half Day Experience' with our owls and hawks. Pre-booking essential. Please see our website for more details. 
During the summer season we will be offering Flying Displays in the afternoons at 2pm on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for a limited number of visitors. Pre-booking essential. During these displays we will be flying some amazing birds, including a Palm Nut Vulture, Common Buzzard, and a Harris Hawk, as well as some beautiful Owls from around the world. 

Horse Riding Holidays

We have a natural horsemanship and holistic riding yard, with barefoot horses, working with the connected energy of both horse and rider, building confidence and trust at every step. Spectacular countryside, sea views, exhilerating canters, and peaceful enchanting river and wood riding.

We offer horse riding for individual bookings, horse riding holidays - both for intermediate and experienced riders. Pre-booking essential.

You can join us in our Gentle Horse and Rider Workshops when you stay, or discover the Power of Oils in our Self Selection for Health Workshops. 

Currently we are unable to offer children's pony workshops due to social distancing guidelines. 

Our Farmhouse B&B

We offer B&B in our unique 15th century medieval farmhouse, with it's grand front door, and large spacious rooms, for the ultimate in warmth and cosiness. It is believed the house was originally an open-hall manor style building and tells many a tale! A magical historical discovery!



Exmoor is an activity-packed place, whether you are looking for a quiet break away from the hustle and bustle or an active break for you and your family.

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