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Exmoor Meat Boxes

Exmoor Meat Boxes

Exmoor born and bred farmer Josh Thayne and his mother Sarah Wates of West Twitchen Ball Farm are Exmoor Meat Boxes. They care for hundreds of pedigree animals on their Exmoor hilltop farm, including Aberdeen Angus cattle, native Exmoor horn sheep and Boer goats.

The goats are the latest addition to the farm, introduced by Josh who was keen to rear them on the farm having long had an interest in this particular breed. With the goats came the incentive to start producing and selling meat from the farm rather than selling it on to be distributed elsewhere.

The result is a truly local quality meat product. The goat is one of the healthiest choices of meat, and lower in fat than chicken and higher in protein than Beef.

Exmoor Meat Boxes are prepared to order in 10kg or 20kg packages for deliveries in England and Wales or smaller orders available locally.

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