Discovery Safaris

Learn about the Historical, Geological, Geographical and Archaeological aspects of Exmoor and see the wildlife. Visit places off the beaten track and roads less traveled.

Exmoor National Park is 267 square miles of unspoilt moorland, valleys, woodland and farmland. On a Discovery Safari you will visit places of interest, take in the stunning scenery and view the local wildlife.

Each safari is about 2.5 hrs in duration and are available all year round.

Richard is extremely knowledgeable and you will get a lively and informative commentary on every tour. Remember to bring your camera and binoculars (although some binoculars are always carried for the use of the passengers).

Richard normally chooses the route over Exmoor depending on the weather. However, if there's a particular route you wish to go on, please request this when booking.  

Red Deer and the Exmoor Ponies are usually spotted and every effort will be made to find these during your safari, however they are wild animals and occassionally prove elusive. Safaris are not all about off roading and there is a great need to keep Exmoor special. Apart from some off roading you will see places of interest, historical sites, wildlife, stunning scenery and most of all learn about the Exmoor National Park.


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