How to use Favourites

Use the favourites function to make your own itinerary and save your searches!

The favourite facility allows you to mark any listings (where to stay, activities, attractions, local towns / villages, natural attractions etc) as ‘favourites’ by clicking the star on any listings you wish to save.

You can access them all in one place, to save you having to search the site again, using the ‘Your favourites’ link right at the top of the page.

Create an account to save your favourites!

If you want to be able to save these so that you can view them another time (for example you might want to list some of the activities and attractions you’d like to do on holiday here and then recall this information once you’ve arrived on Exmoor) then you  can set up an account - it only takes a few seconds.

  • Sign in with your email address and make up a password you will remember
  • Mark your Favourites
  • You can now view your Favourites in one place on the site by clicking Favourites at the top of the browser, or while in your account
  • You can log out, and next time you log in, your Favourites will be waiting for you
  • You can log in while in Exmoor on your smartphone or tablet to recall your Favourites.
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