West Ilkerton Farm

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Grass-fed Exmoor lamb and Devon beef produced with care on our traditional Exmoor hill farm.

West Ilkerton has been in our family for three generations. It is our home as well as our business, and the welfare of our animals and conservation of our beautiful farm are really important to us. Devon cattle and Exmoor horn sheep have been bred here for well over a century, so we are keen to maintain this living link with the past and hand it on to future generations.

Our cattle and sheep are born and raised on the farm, kept as naturally as possible and treated with compassion. We care for them throughout their lives, and take them ourselves to the small local abattoir at Combe Martin.

The meat is dry-aged in a coldstore before Oly Brown, the master butcher at Combe Martin Meats, cuts and packs it for us.


West Ilkerton Farm meat boxes contain a good selection of beef, lamb or a mixture of both. We also have boxes of gluten free beef sausages and beefburgers, which are ideal for quick meals and barbecues.

Meat can be ordered fresh in advance, or frozen boxes can usually be purchased at any time. Please see our website for details, including a list of the boxes currently available and the next dates for fresh beef and lamb.

Please contact us if you have any special requests, and we’ll try our best to help.

Enquiries about larger quantities of meat for the catering trade are welcome. If you would like to visit the farm and see how we keep our animals, we offer farm tours from mid-April until mid-October.

We are not open all the time because we are also farmers, so please contact us before visiting the farm.

The Eveleigh Family, West Ilkerton Farm, Barbrook, Lynton EX35 6QA