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Goat spot at Valley of Rocks

LocationDunster CW, Dunster

Mythical mayhem

Whilst no-one agrees on the scientific explanation for the dramatic Valley of Rocks near Lynton, local legend has it that it was once home to the devil’s castle. One day he came back to find that his wives had been engaged in some drunken partying with the neighbours and fell into such a rage that the devil turned the women into turrets of stone. The impressive rock formations known in the area as Castle Rock, the Devil’s Cheesewring, Ragged Jack and the White Lady also play host to a herd of feral goats who have lived in the valley on and off for some 6000 years. Take the coast path from Lynton around the cliffs to see the rocks, the goats and sometimes a herd of Exmoor ponies grazing amongst the bracken.

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