Build a Sandcastle

LocationDunster, Dunster

Hankies on Head

Back in the day when sticking a lolly stick on the top and shells around the base of your sandcastle was considered imaginative, those who had the fanciest bucket usually won the beach competition. But according to scientists using your hands instead of the traditional bucket and spade makes much better sandcastles. Wet sand and lots of ‘tamping’ down will, apparently, result in strong structures which you can sculpt to whatever shape your artistic capabilities allow. Whether you dream of creating a perfect sand replica of the ‘Death Star’ spaceship or are happy with something half-recognisable as a fortress, the long sandy beach at Minehead is the ideal place to practice. There’s space for everyone to while away a sunny afternoon and – even better – it’s free!

Check on Tide Times

Some beaches do not uncover their best sand until low tide, so check tide times and weather here.

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