Soak up the Moorland Tranquillity

LocationDunster, Dunster

Heather Harmony

A mellow purple haze seems to shimmer over the moors come August, softening the wild ruggedness of the more exposed heathlands of the national park. The heather-clad hills are a real treat, and not just for humans. Grazed silently by red deer, Exmoor ponies and sheep, the heather also provides a rich habitat for many species of insects. Look out for the rare brown and orange heath fritillary butterfly; Exmoor is one of only four places in the UK where you are likely to see it. The local honey bees love the heather too and work busily to collect its sweet nectar to make Exmoor Heather Honey. To find out more about the Exmoor honeybees visit the Quince Honey Farm in South Molton.

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