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LocationDunster, Dunster

Paddling Along

When asked what was so appealing about sea kayaking, a recent convert said that that the biggest draw was the pure sense of freedom and simplicity; just you, the kayak and the water. And strong arms; paddling, there’s no denying, is pretty energetic. However, out on the water the benefits are numerous. Exploring the coast’s sheltered rocky inlets, hidden caves and deserted beaches, all inaccessible by land, offers a unique sense of adventure. Watching the interplay of abundant colonies of seabirds such as Razorbills, Kittiwakes and Fulmars high up on Exmoor’s magnificent sea cliffs is breathtaking. And coming upon the odd dolphin or porpoise playing in the waves and undisturbed by the silent kayak as it slips by unnoticed is a real treat.

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