Hear the Red Deer ‘Bolve'

LocationDunster, Dunster

Autumn Acoustics

Home to over half of all the Red Deer in England, you would think that spotting the UK’s largest wild land animal would be easy on Exmoor. But those who have spent hours glued to binoculars know that’s not necessarily true. However, this all changes in the autumn. During the Red Deer rut, from late September until November, testosterone-fuelled stags give away their location by ‘roaring’ or ‘bolving’ to ward off hopeful male interlopers from their group of female hinds. Announcing his superiority, the stag’s bolving echoes over the misty autumnal moors and back through the centuries; red deer have survived on Exmoor since pre-historic times. A range of safari companies offer 4x4 off-road discovery tours and local knowledge, check the Activities for operators. Exmoor National Park Rangers lead deer walks throughout the year. And you can always visit the Red Deer exhibition in Dulverton if you don’t get to see these majestic animals on the moors.

Hear the Red Deer ‘Bolve', at these locations...