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The Power of Water

LocationDunster CW, Dunster

A Balancing Act

Exmoor usually has plenty of water, and this water can be very powerful – especially at Lynmouth where the moors meet the sea. The Bristol channel running along the Exmoor coast has the highest tides in the whole of Europe and tidal turbines have been developed off the coast of Lynmouth to harness this power and just up the road the Glen Lyn Gorge, with its own hydro power station, provides an opportunity to learn all about the power of water and blast a water canon across the valley. If you want to head up the cliff to Lynton 500ft above  take a ride in the unique Victorian water-powered cliff railway.  In addition to saving your legs, the lift offers stunning views of the North Devon and Exmoor coastline which takes your breath away as it spreads out and melts away into the distance. Opened in 1888 this unusual eco-friendly funicular railway operates in much the same way as it did over 120 years ago. It is an ideal way to explore the area that many have named ‘Little Switzerland’ due to the steep and scenic topography.

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