Old Mineral Line

Old Mineral Line

Where the Coleridge Way passes through the Brendon Hills there remain remnants of a once thriving mineral mining industry.

The West Somerset Mineral Railway transported the iron ore from the mines to Watchet, on its way to smelting works in South Wales.

The station still stands at Roadwater, although today it is a private dwelling. A stretch of platform remains on either side of the house, but it has since been grassed over. There was a goods yard with sheds to the west of the station, and this site was used as a market garden for some time before being finally abandoned.

Some distance to the south of Tacker Street, and once sited by Comberow Station, are the remains of the Mineral Railway's Incline. Two railway lines about 1km long ascended 245 metres between

Brendon Hill and Comberow, and this section of the railway was cable-operated to achieve this. The winding house contained two cast iron drums, with brake gear consisting of steel bands, and it was controlled by a wheel in a hut above. The engineer lived beside it, and the brakeman was housed nearby.


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