At Pooltown is the picturesque Gothic-style Chargot Lodge, built around 1879; and round the next bend is  Chargot House itself. Built half a century earlier for Sir John Lethbridge of Sandhill Park, it incorporated parts of an earlier dwelling and appeared on the tithe map as Chargott Lodge. Internal features included an early eighteenth-century staircase and dado from a Withiel Florey farmhouse and a decorative mantel from a house in Wiltshire.

In the valley below, the Forestry Commission's Chargot Wood was the site of the Langham Engine House and the Bearland Ventilation Flue. Built in 1866 to accommodate a secondhand steampowered beam engine from Wales, the engine house was abandoned twelve years later when the machinery was moved to Burrow Farm, a couple of miles away. The ventilation flue (the only one in south west England) was constructed to remove poisonous gases from the mine.


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