The modern treasure-hunt

If you wish to add a challenge to the Coleridge Way why not try Geocaching? There are a number of Geocaches hidden along, and close by, the route – some have been themed and placed as part of the trail, whilst others just happen to be located in the area. If you don’t know what geocaching is think of it as a modern day treasure hunt. Follow the map or the co-ordinates to find a hidden cache (often a small container such as film canister or ammo-box). If you need an extra clue you can decrypt an additional hint. Once discovered log your visit and move on to the next one – it’s simple but adds a new dimension to a walk and helps you discover places you wouldn’t otherwise see!

Visit and sign up for free to get the co-ordinates which you can use on a GPS unit, or download one of the apps designed for geocaching and follow the map on your smartphone.

Take a look at this video on Geocaching along the Coleridge Way from Ian Pearson of Coleridge Way Walk blog

If you want the full 'Coleridge Experience' why not try one of the Flycatcher walks - similar to Geocaching these 3 walks help you to learn more about the inspiration Coleridge took from the landscape for his writing. There are 3 walks at Nether Stowey, Porlock and Watchet (which is off the main trail but well worth a visit given its strong Coleridge links). You will need a smartphone with GPS capability and as you follow the routes different elements of the journal kept by S T Coleridge will be revealed to you.