Coleridge Way

Riders Information

Advice for Riders


  • Be aware that this route is challenging in parts with a number of steep ascents and descents. You may prefer to dismount and lead your horse on occasions.
  • Both you and your horse need to be fit.

Care for the land

  • Keep to the line of the path including when you are crossing open ground.
  • Do not damage timber, walls or hedgerows by jumping.
  • When ground conditions are exceptionally wet please do not ride the route – remember that horses’ hooves can damage surfaces in bad weather. Some sections of the route are permitted and bad damage may result in the route being closed.

Consideration to the land owner

  • Leave gates as you find them – landowners sometimes prop them open.
  • Do not gallop on this route.
  • Keep dogs under close control and regularly wormed.

Courtesy to other users

  • Please be aware that walkers, cyclists and other riders may be using the same paths as you, so exercise appropriate care and consideration.

Care on roads

  • Please exercise extreme care when riding on roads or crossing roads.
  • Always make sure you can be seen by wearing appropriate reflective/fluorescent aids.

Riding in groups

  • Groups should contain reasonable numbers and should not exceed 5 horses. If there are more of you why not split into 2 groups?
  • Organised events should not be held along the route. Please contact the National Park Authority if in doubt.


  • Tell someone which way you are going each day.
  • Be aware that on some parts of the route there is no mobile phone reception.
  • Take the relevant OS maps with you and follow the route carefully.
  • The weather can change rapidly and can vary considerably along the route. Please take appropriate clothing with you at all times.