Advertise on the Coleridge Way website

To advertise in one of our advert slots, banners, accommodation and attraction listings please contact us. 

The current charges for advertising are:

  • If you already have an advert on the Visit Exmoor website then to repeat that advert on the Coleridge Way website costs £25 extra per annum.
  • If you want an advert only on the Coleridge Way website, then the charge is £60 per annum.

Tel: 07837 415797

Download Notes to help you put an advert on the Visit Exmoor website, or update an existing advert - 156kb, PDF

Download information on what is required to put an advert on the website, prior to creating your advert. This document is in RTF (Rich Text Format) which means any word processor can open it. You can choose to fill it in and return it to the Website Manager or to simply get a feel of what you will put in your advert before creating an account and doing it yourself.

To add an Event

Events can only be added to the main Visit Exmoor website. An event must be open to the general public within the catchment area of the website, Greater Exmoor and the Quantocks. An event cannot include an event related specifically to a single business, or benefitting or promoting a single business.

To promote an event is a free entry on the Visit Exmoor website. The advert will stay live until the day after the event is over. Please supply as much information as you can including a picture of at least 500kb file size to