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Rainy Days Out on Exmoor


Rainy Days Out on Exmoor

What to do here when the weather is bad? A ‘what the heck’ attitude is popular with some; if you’re already wet you might as well have fun getting even more soaked.

There’s lots to do at Wimbleball Lake, and Exmoor Adventures & Active Adventures SW both offer water-based excitement such as coasteering & kayaking, whatever the weather. I believe fishing is popular in the rain too?!

For softies like me the wet weather is a good excuse to explore some of Exmoor’s indoor attractions and the National Trust come up trumps here with Coleridge’s Cottage, Dunster Castle, Arlington Court & Knighthayes all well worth a visit (and an obligatory stop for a cream tea too of course). Next on my own ‘to visit’ list is the Quince Honey Farm which apparently offers a wealth of information about the honeybees. Wonder if they like the rain?

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