Be part of the Exmoor National Park Film to celebrate Exmoor Day: ‘Why I love Exmoor!’


Exmoor National Park came into being on 19th October 1954 when the Designation Order made by the National Parks Commission was confirmed by the Minister for Housing and Local Government Harold Macmillan – making us the 8th National Park in the UK. 
To celebrate Exmoor Day on 19th October 2020, Exmoor National Park Authority is making a short film called ‘Why I Love Exmoor!’ Members of the public from all over the UK are invited to submit short video clips of themselves saying why they love Exmoor. The best of these will be compiled into a short film that will be shared on-line and through social media. 
What to say and how?
Be enthusiastic and smile as you talk directly to the camera about why you love Exmoor. This is your own personal reason - is it the landscapes, the food, the people, the places/villages, the coast, the seasons, the wildlife, the activities, the tranquillity, dark skies, heritage…?
o I love Exmoor because…
o The thing I love most about Exmoor is …..
Each clip should be around 5-10 seconds long.
Make your recording using your phone from Exmoor… or anywhere in the UK   
Members of the public can submit a video from anywhere in the UK – it may be that you love coming here but have not been able to visit this year. Don’t worry too much about your backdrop – there may be some entries from which we use the audio recording only over relevant footage of Exmoor scenes. Read the guidance for some helpful tips on filming using your mobile phone. 
Terms and Conditions:
Video clips should be no longer than 5-10 seconds each and should be recorded in landscape mode (not portrait). Reading the easy guidance to produce your clip will help us to piece together various clips into a cohesive film. It is important that the audio recording is good quality.
Only one person/family should appear in each video clip. By submitting a video clip, you are giving all rights to the Exmoor National Park Authority (ENPA) to edit the clip as required. Not all submitted video clips will be used in the film but we will choose those that we consider will, when compiled into a film, best present the many reasons why people love Exmoor. We reserve the right to use the audio recording only. Those submitting footage will not be able to view the draft film to give their approval.
We reserve the right to add text onto the film with your name and county eg. Joanne, Devon or John, London. Please state your name and county at the beginning of your film then pause briefly before speaking for 5-10 seconds max.
The film will be made available to the public via various websites including You Tube.
If your film or audio is included in the final version of the film, we will notify you by email at the time of its release.
How and when to submit your video
Submit your video recording via We Transfer to Katrina at
We Transfer is free software that will enable you to attach a video file (up to 2GB) with ease.
You will receive a notification from We Transfer when your file has been safely delivered to us. We are unable to send a personal acknowledgement but thank you all for your submissions.
Submission should be received by midday on Monday 5th October 2020 to allow us time to view and compile the film. The film will be released on/about the 19th October 2020.
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