Exmoor Owl & Wildlife Sanctuary

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Fly with us….for that special Exmoor Experience and reconnect with nature.

We offer a number of unique owl and bird of prey experiences for all the family, plus horse riding for experienced riders, gentle horsemanship workshops, and B&B in our cosy and comfortable 15th Century farmhouse.

When you visit you can fly the birds yourself to your gloved hand for an hour for small family groups or a half day extravaganza experience for owl and hawk enthusiasts! Our birds are trained so that they reveal their natural behaviours, and there are plenty of photographic opportunities during your private experience.

Flying displays are offered for those that do not wish to fly the birds themselves, four days a week. Pre-booking is essential. Please visit our websites for more details.

Owl and Hawk Experiences

Our owl and hawk flying experiences are unique! Here you will meet so many different personalities, have conversations with the birds, and make a real connection with them. Our owl barn gives the smaller owls the opportunity to express themselves in a natural way without restraint, to be themselves, whereas the larger birds are flown over the open ground in our flying field, they are never tethered, and are generally flown to and from their aviaries.

We offer Owl and Bird of Prey Flying Experiences in the mornings for a ‘Taster Experience’ or a ‘Half Day Experience’ with our owls and hawks. Pre-booking essential. Please see our website for more details.

During the summer season we will be offering Flying Displays in the afternoons at 2pm on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for a limited number of visitors. Pre-booking essential. During these displays we will be flying some amazing birds, including a Palm Nut Vulture, Common Buzzard, and a Harris Hawk, as well as some beautiful Owls from around the world.


Taster Experiences with our Fantastic Owls in the Owl Barn
Two Nights B&B and Owl and Hawk Extravaganza
Owl & Hawk Extravaganza – Half Day Experience

Horse Riding Holidays

Barefoot Horse Riding for Experienced Riders over Exmoor offers barefoot horse riding for experienced teenagers and adult riders can ride on our wonderful barefoot horses over Exmoor, some of the best riding countryside in the world! Our horses are trained using natural horsemanship techniques and connect with your inner energy!

Gentle Horse and Rider Workshops are also available where you can watch and engage with our horses with a trust-connection approach.

Walking with ponies for all the family to experience the calmness and connection that horses can offer. One member of the family must have some horse handling experience.

Pre-booking is essential. Please visit our websites for details.

Our Farmhouse B&B

We offer B&B in our unique 15th century medieval farmhouse, with it’s grand front door, and large spacious rooms, for the ultimate in warmth and cosiness. It is believed the house was originally an open-hall manor style building and tells many a tale! A magical historical discovery!