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  • The official tourism website focusing on the Exmoor area from North Devon to West Somerset and Quantock Hills.
  • All official marketing points to this website.
  • Reach a worldwide audience interested in coming to Exmoor.
  • A site full of inspirational ideas and experiences.
  • Advertise your business on the main Exmoor website and get new customers while supporting the promotion of the area worldwide.

Website information

  • Main landing pages: Things to do followed closely by  accommodation, with Simple Pleasures close behind them
  • Visits per month: Over 16,000 per month, high season
  • Visits up over 50% year on year, up 103% in July/August 2015
  • Top 4 Catchment areas: 1, UK; 2, Germany; 3, Netherlands; 4, USA
  • Time on site: 4 minutes, average
  • Page views: 4 per visit, average
  • Devices: Desktop, 61%, Tablets: 23%, Mobiles: 16%.

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The web is now the first place to look to find things to do and places to stay. The Visit Exmoor website brings visitors to Exmoor, including part of North Devon, West Somerset and the Quantock Hlls.  Those finding our site are more likely to want to visit Exmoor and are therefore, more likely to buy through the website.

Through careful optimisation of the site and with our marketing and promotional efforts pointing back to the Visit Exmoor website, we are attracting those already interested in Exmoor and its surrounding countryside.

Targeted marketing

When looking for anything to do with Exmoor, you are more likely to land on the Visit Exmoor website than any of the neighbouring websites for North Devon or Somerset.

Visitors will be more inspired by our site, because it specialises in everything to do with Exmoor, the Quantocks, West Somerset and part of North Devon. Type into a search engine ‘what to do on Exmoor,’ Visit Exmoor’s Things to do page comes top of the list. Type in ‘Exmoor holiday accommodation’ or ‘holidays on Exmoor’ and the Where to stay page is at the top.

Exmoor is promoted in a wide variety of magazines, national papers, TV adverts and exhibitions.  This is achieved through our professional PR agent.  All this promotion is targeted back to the Visit Exmoor website.  The Exmoor National Park also promotes the area and refers back to the Visit Exmoor website for accommodation.

Last minute visitors

As smartphones are being used more and more to check out where to stay, where to eat and where to visit, the site needs to work quickly and efficiently. The new site does this brilliantly.

It works on all screen sizes, from a desktop to a tablet down to a mobile. It automatically knows what size screen it is being viewed on and adjusts the design so the user-experience is still enjoyable.

New improved features

Responsive design – adjusts automatically to different screen sizes, such as smartphones and ipads.

Fast and user-friendly – easy navigation finds what you are looking for quickly.

Map-driven searches – uses an interactive map to find accommodation and things to do. Visitors do not need to know Exmoor to find your business. Different map icons are used and list-search is also available.

Randomised adverts once a day at midnight, to maintain site speed.

Comprehensive stats for advertisers, clcik throughs counted to your website, to the Book Now button, Special Offers and Directions. 

Embed your online booking calendar into your advert so visitors can immediately see your availability.

Embed your TripAdvisor rating into your advert.

Visitor experiences – many unique experiences promoted.

Advert features

  • Sections for accommodation, food and drink, activities, events, towns and villages
  • Clickable map icons or listings
  • Search by location, price, type of business
  • Incorporate your own online booking system
  • Incorporate your TripAdvisor rating
  • Gold adverts available – with priority position
  • Block ads available for different landing pages
  • Late availability section
  • Special offers section
  • Ability to add choices to ‘Favourites’ within the website.

New benefits for advertisers

  • Individual log-in to update your advert
  • Gold adverts for enhanced promotion
  • Click-through block adverts for a high-profile landing page advert
  • Add unsold units to the Late Availability section
  • Special Offers section
  • View your own advert stats.

Events section

Events attract visitors to the area. Local public events can be added by organisers.

Videos and multimedia

Better use of these throughout the site.

Social Media centre

A central point for all our social media.


Up-to-date information promoting services and products.

Newsletter sign-up

Integrated email marketing.