Exmoor Tourism

Exmoor Tourism

Helping local businesses make the most from tourism

Rural Tourism Toolkit

  • Getting your business started
  • Communicating effectively
  • Working together
  • Local distinctiveness
  • Saving money and Sustainability

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Exmoor Tourism

  • manages www.visit-exmoor.co.uk as the official tourism Website for the area
  • provides training and support for local businesses
  • organises popular festivals like the Exmoor Walking Festival and Exmoor Coast Festival
  • promotes the greater Exmoor area through a range of marketing initiatives
  • works closely with the Somerset Tourist Association, West Somerset Council and Exmoor National Park Authority

Welcome to Exmoor Tourism website, providing information to the local tourism industry. If you are looking for  visitor information please visit www.visit-exmoor.co.uk.

Please revisit this site occasionally as it will be updated with new information as and when it becomes available. This could include marketing and funding opportunities that might benefit your business.

Exmoor Tourism

Exmoor Tourist Association, trading as Exmoor Tourism, is the leading industry body supporting and promoting tourism across the Greater Exmoor area (including Exmoor National Park, West Somerset and surrounding areas).

We currently have well over 200 members and would encourage any business in the Greater Exmoor area that benefits from tourism to join us whether you're an accommodation provider, attraction, activity provider, retailer, caterer or service provider.

To help you keep up-to-date with what is happening in Exmoor Tourism, click the link below to join our emailing list.